Cariboo Park Services and Wildlife Conservation to Get Huge Boost in 2017

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Nature lovers in the Cariboo region can rejoice now that the next coming months will bring dramatic improvements that benefit campers as well as local wildlife.

The first piece of good news comes from an announcement made by the B.C. government just a few weeks ago. They will invest $23 million into B.C. parks in total over the next five years, which will be used to add 1,900 campsites to existing provincial parks and recreational sites. This will improve services and provide more supply for highly sought-after camping permits in the Cariboo region and beyond.

The second piece of positive news came from an announcement by the Nature Conservancy of Canada that they had acquired the last remaining piece of privately held land surrounding Tatlayoko Lake. At-risk species of grizzly, mule deer, Lewis’s woodpeckers, northern red-legged frogs and more can now enjoy a better monitored and protected habitat as a result of the acquisition.

Together, these announcements spell a great year for Williams Lake real estate owners who love nature or who want to invest in rental homes for nature enthusiasts.

More Campsites, Improved Services Come to B.C. Parks

Those who had their sights set on a camping trip in 2016 were quickly frustrated by a rare species of social parasite that typically only frequents sports arenas and concert venues: the ticket scalper.

When the park system went online for opening day reservations this past year, a flood of eager bookers quickly crashed it. Those who missed out on their coveted permits became even more frustrated when they realized that many of these permits were bought up and then offered for resale at inflated prices — the result of scalpers looking to cut a quick profit.

To alleviate this pressure, the B.C. Parks department will receive $23 million in funds, much of which will go towards creating all-new campsites in areas of high demand, like Lac La Hache Provincial Park south of Williams Lake.

In addition to more camping sites, the funds will also create a $5 million starter fund for a new parks foundation and salaries for new park rangers throughout the province.

Those who enjoy camping and who live near Williams Lake or the Cariboo region will celebrate the new opportunities these funds will provide them. Others will love the increasing appeal of rental properties in Williams Lake to be used by visiting adventurers.

Tatlayoko Lake Becomes Completely Preserved

The final piece of the Tatlayoko Lake puzzle clicked into place for the Nature Conservancy of Canada when a couple donated the last remaining tract of unprotected private property along the lake’s shores.

This donation by the Joerg and Hannelore Fischer couple will ensure the long-term health of conservation projects for the Tatlayoko Valley region, which lies about 165 kilometres to the southwest of Williams Lake.

Together, these two stories of improved services and enhanced preservation are great news for Cariboo region tourism and the Williams Lake real estate market. Anyone interested in buying a property in the area can find some great opportunities when they view my Williams Lake home listings online.


Team Moore

Team Moore