The city of Williams Lake has so much to offer its residents and visitors, especially when it comes to good food and great dining. With its deep roots in cowboy culture, burgers and steaks are always favourites among restaurants and diners in the city.

Signal Point restaurant in Williams Lake
Signal Point restaurant

With more than 35 restaurants, bistros, cafés and pubs, visitors and locals have a wide variety of choices to satisfy all of their tastebuds. Choose from Mexican or Chinese options for a fun family dinner, and even more exotic options like sushi or souvlaki for your date night with someone special. Here are a few of the top restaurants and dining options in Williams Lake.

Red Tomato Pies

You can either go very right or very wrong when it comes to pizza, and at Red Tomato Pies, you couldn’t be any more right. Rated as the top restaurant in Williams Lake on Trip Advisor, reviewers rave about Red Tomato Pies’ speedy delivery, diverse menu and mouthwatering pizza and toppings. It is a definite must stop for all visitors and locals.

New World Coffee & Tea House

Rated second on Trip Advisor for restaurants in Williams Lake, New World Coffee & Tea House is a real treat for all diners. It offers a variety of soups and sandwiches as well as other health conscious options for guests. Deemed as “good in every way” by one reviewer, you will definitely not be disappointed when dining at this little bistro.

Karen’s Place

Located on 2nd Avenue, Karen’s Place is a local favourite for its delicious lunches and Mexican food. Its great food is only enhanced by the excellent service and family-friendly atmosphere. Reviewers love the great prices and quality food as well as the diverse menu. Karen’s Place is truly one to visit when you are in town.

The Gecko Tree

For a healthier option that is still delicious, The Gecko Tree is the place for you. Rated 4 out of 5 stars on Trip Advisor, this restaurant is a great healthy choice for breakfast and lunch. Its whole grain and organic options give diners all the deliciousness of a great meal without any of the guilt of fatty and calorie-filled foods. Located in downtown Williams Lake on MacKenzie Avenue North, The Gecko Tree is considered to be quite the unique and funky spot in town.

Smashin’ Smoothies

A great place to cool off on a hot day and to find a delicious snack in between meals (or even for your next meal), Smashin’ Smoothies really does live up to its name. Reviewers can’t get enough of the tasty, refreshing smoothies and energizing coffee options. This restaurant also offers a great lunch menu filled with wraps and other healthy choices as well as a friendly and ready-to-serve staff.

The Laughing Loon

A real favourite among visitors and locals, The Laughing Loon is a great place to go for a delicious meal and drink. Unwind from a long week at work at this local pub surrounded by great servers and a lively atmosphere. Reviewers absolutely love The Laughing Loon’s diverse menu and tasty food.

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