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If you are thinking about buying Williams Lake and Cariboo real estate, it is of the utmost importance that you have an agent on your side that both knows the area and has a long and personal history with the community. You also need someone who understands your needs; someone who will make sure you are getting a new home that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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For those thinking about selling their home, the standards you require from your real estate agent remain the same. You need someone who conforms to the highest standards and is dedicated to negotiating for and selling your home at the best possible value. With decades of experience living in the area, we are the professionals that can handle your real estate needs.

Who is Geordie Moore?

We are a couple of motivated and highly dedicated Real Estate professionals who specialize in Williams Lake and area Real Estate. Geordie is a Licensed Realtor and Cindy is an unlicensed assistant.

Geordie Moore has been a lifelong resident of Williams Lake and has seen it evolve impressively over the years. The son of a small business owner, Geordie learned from an early age the importance of ambition and reliability, and when it comes to getting you and your family into the perfect Williams Lake and Cariboo Chilcotin Coast home, you will have a hard time trying to find a better real estate agent.

Cindy Moore has lived in Williams Lake since she was eight years old, and has always possessed a strong sense of community and an invaluable work ethic. Cindy discovered early on that she had a knack for connecting with people and putting them in wonderful new homes, and for this reason, she has earned quite a reputation as a local matchmaker.

History of Williams Lake & the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast was a hotbed of activity long before European arrival in the last few centuries. The aboriginal coastal tribes of Heiltsuk, Nuxalk and Kwakwaka’wakw first settled the regions hundreds of years ago and subsisted on salmon and other fish and traded with the tribes across the nearby mountains for furs and other goods. These trading routes were later incorporated into extensive networks to be used by European settlers. By the 1800s, small villages had started popping up throughout the area, aided in no small part by the Gold Rush.

When the Pacific Great Eastern Railway was created in the early 1900s, the region was connected like never before and quickly became an industrial hub for mining and forestry. Today, Williams Lake and Cariboo continues to stay true to its small town roots, with a heavy emphasis on community and the outdoors but not without enough other entertainment and recreation options to please the entire family. The following are just a few of the many opportunities you have at your disposal.

Entertainment Options for the Whole Family

Like you would find in any major city, great restaurants and shopping options abound in the Williams Lake and Cariboo areas, and if you are looking for other arts and entertainment venues, you are sure to find them here too.

Perfect day at Williams Lake Park

The Central Cariboo Arts & Culture Society is a nonprofit organization that oversees many of the arts initiatives in the community. Anyone interested in the arts can get involved in the many exhibitions, lectures, and demonstrations conducted throughout the year.

Music lovers have lots to enjoy, as the Arts & Culture Society hosts an outdoor concert series every summer. And the Gibraltar Room in the Cariboo Memorial Complex is a great place to visit throughout the winter months. You’ll see lots of local art in Williams Lake as many artists are supported by arts grants that support local area projects.

Enjoy Diverse Recreational Activities

You may want to start at the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex if you are looking for fun recreational activities with your family. Featuring a banquet hall with bleachers, two ice rinks, a fitness center and a swimming pool. There are plenty of activities available and the complex is a great place to take advantage of dance lessons, martial arts classes, cooking demonstrations and film festivals.

For the more adventurous, outdoorsy types, the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in British Columbia. Take your bike out on over 200 kilometers of biking trails, go off-roading with your ATV, or enjoy the scenic mountainside views from a tent or RV. If you’re a golfer, take your pick among one of three golf courses and shoot a few rounds.

To top it all off Williams Lake has a beautifully mild climate highlighted by four distinct seasons so you’ll find something new to do and experience all year round.


Interested parties are of course encouraged to get involved in the Arts & Culture Society, but if you are looking for broader ways to integrate yourself into the fabric of the community, there are plenty of options. For example, the farmers market and local growers cooperative are one of the most notable ways and, if nothing else, a great place to buy your next local groceries.

If you are looking to add to Canada’s rich history of volunteerism, you can choose to do that as well. Local schools, hospitals and other community organizations are always looking for help, and you can also try the Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society to aid there as well.

Boards and Associations

Its important to us to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in the real estate industry by either holding memberships, licences or by gathering information from the following boards and associations.

Real Estate Tips

Learn more about what is needed to successfully buy and sell a home with these great Real Estate Tips.

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Geordie Moore