When searching for a new home in western Canada, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. What are you looking for in a hometown? Where do you want to settle—somewhere more urban or more rural?

Affordable prices at Place Mall Williams Lake
Hodgson Place Mall

Williams Lake is an ideal place to settle for many families. There are hundreds of kilometres of trails in the beautiful surrounding hills, making it the perfect home for any group of nature lovers. For winter enthusiasts, there are nearby opportunities for plenty of winter activities, such as skiing, ice fishing and dog sledding. However, this city in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast offers as many modern, urban amenities as it does outdoor activities. For instance, there plenty of options for shopping in Williams Lake.

Prosperity Ridge Shopping Centre

Located conveniently next to a new Wal-Mart on Prosperity Way, Prosperity Ridge brings national retailers to the previously overlooked Williams Lake. Now there’s no need to travel several hours to the nearest Sport Check and Bulk Barn—shopping in Williams Lake has never been easier. There is also a Bosley’s in the centre to take care of all your pet needs, as well as a Warehouse One for women’s and men’s clothing. Frugal shoppers have the convenience of a Dollarama as well. There are many plans in place to expand the Prosperity Ridge Shopping Centre, so you can feel at peace knowing the economy of Williams Lake will continue growing for years to come.

Downtown Retailers

Boutiques and specialty stores fill up the streets of Williams Lake’s exciting downtown region. Red Shreds will take care of any gear needs for outdoor enthusiasts. They offer bicycles, kayaks, climbing equipment, skis, snowboards and much more. In addition to gear and equipment, sports and nature lovers will also find a wide selection of clothing and accessories in the store.

Book lovers flock to the Open Book, an independent book retailer that’s been around for over 30 years. You’ll find bestsellers and popular favourites as well as a wide selection of books detailing the rich history of the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region. For special occasions, shoppers can find anything they’re looking for at the Woodland Jewelers on Oliver Street. The company has over 80 years experience making beautiful custom fine jewelry.

Williams Lake Realtors 

Shopping in Williams Lake is just one aspect that attracts many families to the region. Combined with the Cariboo region’s rich natural and cultural history and perfect location for winter sports and outdoor enthusiasts, there’s so much the city has to offer. We are experienced real estate agents who are passionate about informing families of all the great things to do in Williams Lake. If you’re looking for more information on housing options in the area or simply want more information about shopping in Williams Lake, we’re here to answer any of your questions. We love Williams Lake and know you will too—contact us today!



Geordie Moore

Geordie Moore