Why People are Choosing Williams Lake

There are many reasons to choose the wonderful area of Williams Lake. You could just go ask one of our 12,000 occupants that live those reasons every single day. When thinking of the reasons why you should move some place, it’s always understood that the real question is, “why should you leave where you currently are?” Granted, sometimes that question isn’t necessary because there is just a desire to try something new and see something new, but just one day at Williams Lake would answer some of the questions of why. Some of those reasons are the access to the surrounding area that is at your fingertips.

Living in Williams Lake
With Williams Lake as your home, there is no shortage of public transportation opening your world even further to more and more opportunities. The Rocky Mountaineer railway, despite its name change, was one of the booming moments in Williams Lake history. It features updated cabins that provide luxurious comfort with an unbeatable view of the Cariboo Gold Rush Region.
With local bus services of the likes of the BC Transit and HandyDART, getting where you need to go is not only convenient but also incredibly affordable and beats traveling alone on a daily commute to and from work. For longer trips, the Greyhound Bus line travels Highway 97 extensively, along with a number of other communities in the same region. Thanks to the Greyhound Bus, travel through North America is wonderfully convenient and simple.

Community Conveniences
For a city with 12,000 people, one might fear a lack of restaurants to enjoy a quick bite to eat before a commute or a date night with someone special. That is not the case here at William Lake. Featuring more than 35 restaurants on every end of the spectrum, from the local favorite of steaks and burgers all the way to sushi, there is a vibrant selection to continue to keep your palette well-rounded.
With a plentiful selection of restaurants and easy access, thanks to a pristine system of public transportation and roads, the biggest reason to move to Williams Lake is where you would be living. In a house fitting your desired range of cost, there is no better place to start a family than Williams Lake. Featuring mountains all around, a versatile climate, friendly people, a vibrant history and surroundings that are second to none, your new investment shows no sign of losing its value in a buzzing community that continues to grow.

Welcome Home!
With 12,000 residents, Williams Lake does a stellar job of emitting that small town feel without the claustrophobic feeling of overcrowded streets and neighbors always knowing your every mood. Williams Lake is a well-rounded Swiss army knife of a city located in the beauty of British Columbia that desires the company of anyone wanting something new, different, adventurous and relaxing, simultaneously. See for yourself why Williams Lake is an all-inclusive town and come visit today!

Team Moore

Team Moore