Top Reasons to Move to Williams Lake

Williams Lake is a constantly growing area that is appealing to newlyweds and families with children, alike. Williams Lake, located in British Columbia, is a welcoming place that more than 10,000 people get the pleasure of calling home. The lake is so appealing to many because the surrounding area, along with its incomparable beauty, keeps people of all ages entertained with the many things there are to do, a vibrant history belonging to the area and a highly desirable climate in wonderful British Columbia.

Williams Lake History

Thanks to the Fraser River Valley, the early days of Williams Lake became home to many in search for gold in the late 1850’s. The Cariboo Gold Rush, which is known to have begun in 1858, started Williams Lake to a very long and prosperous life. Thanks to the large quantity of settlers here and successful findings during the gold rush, many successful businesses began to expand quickly.

Railroad & Stampede

The creation of the railroad was later brought to Williams Lake and continued the growth as cattle trading expanded throughout the region. The Williams Lake Stampede began that year, a tradition that is continued to this day that welcomes the premiere cowboys and competitive riders in all of North America.

Entertainment in Williams Lake

Thanks to a vibrant climate in Williams Lake, there is no shortage of attractions. Utilizing the advantageous surroundings of the land, there are many opportunities to enjoy the water through the lakes and rivers found in the area. Whether kayaking, water skiing, boating or hiking, the wonderful natural surroundings continue to leave even the seasoned resident of Williams Lake in awe.

Winter Fun

The snow and ice that come along every winter freeze the lakes and welcome ice skating, snowboarding and skiing down the slopes. If nature isn’t your favored cup of tea, the downtown retailers, specialty shops and the Prosperity Ridge Shopping Centre offer a dazzling selection of places to shop.

Williams Lake Climate

There aren’t many perks to living in an overly wet, regularly gloomy, or scorching hot climate that remains that way year around. Luckily, Williams Lake continues its mastery of being well-rounded with its welcoming temperate climate during the spring and summer months, and a beautifully snowy winter, perfect for building snowmen and having hot chocolate by the fire.

Four Seasons

Williams Lake has, on average, 222 days of sunlight, with some cloudy days here or there and an appropriate amount of rain and snow. There is a large appeal to the variety of weather you get here at Williams Lake. There are four seasons and Williams Lake is the place where all four seasons are showcased in their rarest form of beauty.

Come Visit or to Stay

For someone looking for a change from a hot climate to a cold one, begging to see snow or even a lover of all things that are snow, the average 77 inches of snow tops off the wonder that is Williams Lake. Have a visit and come see for yourself.


Team Moore

Team Moore