Williams Lake in the Fall

Williams Lake Real Estate

Williams Lake is a wonderful community that is full of arts, culture, recreation, entertainment, fine dining and the best in shopping. It is a taste of the good life for those who live here and for visitors to this beautiful region of British Columbia. The autumn offers a wealth of great options to keep you […]

What to Expect When Moving to Williams Lake

“Live comfortably, live happily, and live fulfilled” This might as well be on the flag of Williams Lake, because those three things are so easy to accomplish when living here. Williams Lake, located in British Columbia and nestled in the Cariboo region, hosts a number of activities year round: homegrown restaurants, and a culture that […]

Top Reasons to Move to Williams Lake

Williams Lake is a constantly growing area that is appealing to newlyweds and families with children, alike. Williams Lake, located in British Columbia, is a welcoming place that more than 10,000 people get the pleasure of calling home. The lake is so appealing to many because the surrounding area, along with its incomparable beauty, keeps […]

Buying Williams Lake Real Estate to Remodel

williams lake real estate

In the past, buying a home that needed to be remodeled or updated was a choice that most shoppers stayed far from. Lately, thanks to trending television shows that feature fixer-uppers, there is a growing group of buyers who are very interested in buying the seemingly undesirable real estate and transforming it into a home […]

5 Home Staging Tips for the Best Selling Home

Home staging

If you are in the market to sell your Cariboo or Williams Lake real estate, there are certain steps you should take to ensure a speedy and successful sell. One of the most important steps of these is the home staging process. How well your home is prepared for and perceived by potential buyers can […]

3 Advantages of Hiring a Geordie Moore Real Estate Agent

Williams Lake is one of the best places to live in British Columbia. The thriving community attracts many new families every year who want to take part in the multitude of benefits that the city has to offer. This continuous influx makes Williams Lake real estate a hot commodity, which is great news for both […]

The Best Activities for Kids Near Williams Lake

Williams Lake is a beautiful city that is located in the Cariboo region of British Columbia. This interior gem attracts families from across Canada with its charming character and thriving urban community. This is one of the larger cities in the region, making Williams Lake a prime destination for those who would like to escape […]

Winter in Williams Lake

With the holiday cheer and season behind us, we are now faced with at least a few more months of winter weather. You can stay inside and wait for spring to come, or you can get outside and enjoy all of the great activities that come with the winter season. Williams Lake is the perfect […]

Geordie Moore

Geordie Moore